We get it. We understand. Mostly because wea��ve been there, been where you are, been in the skin thata��s stopped making sense, part of some strange acne-riddled secret, hiding (silently and awkwardly) in plain sight.

Thata��s exactly why we wanted to help.

Thata��s why we are here, diligently working to get to the bottom of the endless skin mystery, to sift through the conflicting skincare and acne information, the expensive a�?miracle solutionsa�� that either dona��t work, or just cost too much, or have weird and super dangerous side effects, or maybe even make your acne dry then worse, or my personal favourite a�� actually burn your skin with lasers. Eep.

Because turns out you dona��t have to do any of the crazy stuff to take care of your acne. You just have to take care of it. Simply, and with commitment, for a little while. Ita��s not an overnight miracle cure, sure. But it makes sense, and it wona��t burn your skin off. Which is, you know, a bonus.

I bumped into Dr. Sasha when she helped my sister with another endlessly wasteful skincare problem a�� her rosacea. The blotchy redness had been apparent on her face for more than a year, consistently and fearfully getting worse by the day, as she had tried everythinga�� more washing, less sun, special cleansers. Nothing worked. The redness was super painful, but I joked that it brought out the green of her eyes. She didna��t think it was funny.

Usually fearless and charming, my sister had gotten into the habit of staring at every mirror and shiny surface she came into contact with – always checking the status of her skin, turning her face this way and that – as if it had somehow changed since the last time.

Of course, I understood. My own acne was long gone (thank the skin gods), but when it had been there it was all I ever thought about, mad that I was the kind of person who now got wrinkles and pimples. Ugh. When it had been there I missed fun and parties because of zits that suddenly erupted on my chin without warning, missed dates because of the bleeding red crater on my forehead. Hard to explain that to cute boys with perfect faces; they must have just thought I was uninterested? Little did they know. Sigh.

But just as strangely as it had come, the acne went away. Not my sistera��s rosacea though. She was seriously stuck with it and starting to strongly lose confidence by the day. She no longer voiced her opinions in public. She no longer talked to random strangers. She became increasingly shy, and unsure of her talents (which, to be clear, were many). She stopped taking unnecessary chances. She started surreptitiously looking at her feet most of the time, shoulders hunched against some imaginable blotchy, spotty, red weight. It was terrible to watch.

So when a friend recommended Dr. Sashaa��s, she just shuffled her feet again, until, seeing her friendsa�� perfectly clear skin, her eyes lit up. Finally. Her first treatment went well, as did the second, and third, and fifth. Each time she came back with more spring in her step, shoulders more squarely resolute, chin higher, voice just a bit morea�� hers. It was so lovely to see. And I for one, am really grateful for her voice, and her talents!

Visit Dr. Sashaa��s European Skincare Clinic here if youa��re in Toronto, or feel free to read her posts if youa��re elsewhere in the world.