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Every choice you make is a reflection of your current and future skin – so the good news is that you can always make better choices. Here are some options for things you can choose to do, and not do, in order to maximize the clarity and ease of your skin.


Eat for clear skin – diet for skin wellness

There are many opposing views on whether or not your diet – what you eat and drink – has an impact on the whether you get zits, pimples or breakouts. This is simply because different types of acne are caused by different types of risk factors in different people. One thing is for sure however, although diet may or may not have a direct impact on your specific type of acne, it will definitely increase your overall health, which will cause you to have increased wellness, less stress and better lifestyle. So indirectly, it will lower your risk factors for future acne, no matter what.

What to eat for clear skin:

  • Eat your greens – the vitamins and minerals in greens (such as kale, spinach etc) are very good for overall wellness and balancing your hormone levels, which impact sebum (oil) creation
  • Lower the sugar content – cut out simple sugars from your diet (diet and regular pop, juices, candy etc), and watch out for “hidden” sugars in sauces, cereals and other foods that are surprisingly full of sugars. For snacks, eat good quality sugars in fruit and dark chocolate instead.
  • Limit gluten and dairy – gluten and dairy can impact a lot of people and cause imbalances that create acne challenges. Keep breads, chips, milk and cheese to a minimum in your diet, and reach instead for complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, quinoa and bulgur, and items such as almond milk.
  • Stay hydrated – just enough water makes a difference. In addition to staying away from sugary drinks, consider drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day, so that your skin and body have enough water to function properly.


How to change your diet

Keep in mind that your body is a system – so its always wise to introduce major changes slowly over a longer period of time, and keep them going for at least 6 weeks (and beyond) to see significant impact on your acne and wellness. To learn more about how to impact your acne via the skincare services at European Skincare Clinic in Toronto, click here.