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Be Free Acne Therapy

Our unique therapy is a safe, natural and effective alternative to medications and laser treatments, clearing the most aggressive cases of acne without the negative side effects.

We understand that excessive, long term acne is much more book report writing services than just oily skin, and are sensitive to the fact that it can prevent social interaction in teens as well as adults, and even be a reason for depression. We treat each case with the invidivual in mind, and undestand the deep causes that initiate, as well as keep on causing the skin challenge to clear the problems at the root.

Our unique method of treatment is one of the best in the worldcase study help and restores your true, problem-free skin, based on nearly thirty years of experiece and hunderds of proven clients.

Until I met Sasha, I had minimal success the last 30 years controlling my acne. I tried the usual drug store products, those advertised on TV, herbal remedies from Health food stores, went to see dermatologists, but nothing transformed my skin. I saw Sasha’s ad in Vitality Magazine regularly but waited for years before finally seeing her. As it is, I have seen significant improvement in my skin; and it has given me more self confidence. If you’ve tried everything and nothing worked, then I highly recommend you try Sasha.

- George

I have had bad skin for a long time, but it was very bad in grade 7 and grade 8. I went to a dermatologist, who gave me countless types of skin washes and creams. I also went on the antibiotic Tetracycline. Nothing helped, and I wasn’t interested in trying Acutane, and then I heard about European Skin Care. The treatments are all natural, and within weeks my skin started to improve. I have going there once a week for a year, and my skin has improved drastically. Not only has it cleared up, but the scarring has gone down.

- Sharon

My experience with European Skin Care (Sasha) has only been positive over the past 2 years. It was the summer after grade 9 where my skin became terrible and impossible to control: I was even hesitant to go out and my self-confidence level plummeted. As a result, I tried numerous acne options from antibiotics to temporary treatments: all of which did nothing for my skin. Furthermore, all these options were harmful to my health it was like putting poison in my body! Im so fortunate to have met Sasha! European Skin Care has been the only method that has sustained. Thanks to Sasha, my confidence and self-esteem has entirely been regained!

- Diana