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Acne Therapy

Our Acne Therapy is one of the most advanced on the market today, and is a safe, natural and effective alternative to medications, laser and other treatments, clearing the most aggressive cases of acne without negative side effects. Learn more

Scar Therapy

Our revolutionary Scar Therapy is specially developed to finally heal even extremely damaged skin areas. Our unique process combines proprietary technology and recipes to heal safely and effectively. Learn more

Rosacea Therapy

Our unique Rosacea Therapy is extremely effective in controlling and aleviating redness symptoms without the use of antibiotics or negative or dangerous side effects. Learn more

Let us return your skin to it’s true and beautiful health.

Revolutionary Skin Care and Dermatherapy 

Operating the first of it’s kind skin-care clinic in Toronto, Canada, Sasha offers a remarkably effective natural therapy for acne, scars, rosacea, stretch marks, wrinkles, blemishes and other persistent skin-care conditions.

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Client Experience

Sasha’s expertise and the best of products and treatments make a visit to this clinic a pleasure, to say nothing of excellent for the skin. Thanks Sasha. You are one great lady!

– Gaye Fuller

Client Results

Sasha you are magic! Thanks to you my skin has never looked better – 100% improvement.

– Helene Henderson

Client Feedback

Sasha, thank you for your knowledge, care and expertise. I appreciate all the work and help you’ve done. My skin is much healthier and I learned how important it is to treat it with love and care better! I recommend European Skin Care to treat skin problems and keep skin beautiful and healthy! Thank you!

– Paula K.

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Sasha's Background

Sasha holds a medical background from Russia, and a Dermatherapist degree earned in Canada.

Her integrative healing journey took her towards learning about the European arts, and marrying those methods with Western therapy.

Over 25 year experince.

Her unique dermatherapy treatments are extraordinarily effective due to this unique merging of European and Western medicine, in order to serve her patients with the most effective organic, natural treatmens from both worlds.

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